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Our vision is of a welcoming and inclusive worshipping community, which serves the wider community and especially those in greatest need. A building project is part of how this vision can be realised.

The Vision21 project developed out of the identified need and demand to complete urgent building repairs with substantial renovation and improvement.  As well as safeguarding the site's heritage it is our desire to encourage the wider community to take advantage of the excellent fellowship and activities on offer at Broad Street Methodist Church.

We were delighted to receive grant aid of £68,000 from English Heritage Lottery towards high level repairs to the roof, stonework and making safe the rainwater disposal. This work, phase 1 of our project, was completed in 2013.  Repairs to the lower level stonework and brickwork on the church were then carried out. 

We have now completed a major renovation of the church interior and created a fully accessible side entrance.  Glass doors at the front of the church allow passers-by to see the new interior as well as the activities inside.  We have a new church lounge with drinks preparation and welfare 'pod', a new central heating system and folding glass screen that leads into the body of the church.  With its flexible, bright space, comfortable chairs and new audio visual system we genuinely now have the comfortable and inviting worship area we envisioned at the start of this project. 

The £601,750 cost has been met through reserves, donations from members and former members, grants and fund raising events.  We are now extending our fund raising efforts to finance the repair and renewal work on the hall and ancillary rooms to ensure they too are fit for our work and mission today.  

We are extremely grateful for all the hard work and generous response to our appeal - without it we would not have been able to reach this far.  We are now taking another 'leap of faith' and hope that you share our vision and can make a contribution towards the next phase. 


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